Lead Recycling

Olshak specializes in recycling lead, ensuring safety regulations according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection guidelines

Lead is a silver-plated heavy metal – though very toxic. Non-protected exposure to lead may cause a human health damage (children are more sensitive) and a severe environmental pollution. However, lead is widely used in the industry: lead may be found in regular and different car batteries, lead cables, pipes, lead pallets, different electronic products, and more.

Ensuring Safety in Lead Recycling
Lead recycling is profitable in many aspects: economic, environmental and health-wise, since lead may be effectively recycled ensuring its quality as a raw material. In sake of a safest lead recycling process and to prevent health and environmental damage, the Ministry of Environmental Protection regulations must be strictly followed, while ensuring use of the suiting clothing for utmost protection from inhaling or contacting the toxic lead.

3 Reasons for Why to Recycle Lead With Olshak

  1. Olshak bears all the demanded certifications for lead use, such as an employment certificate and an export certificate.
  2. Olshak bears all the approvals of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and relevant authorities for lead recycling.
  3. Olshak has skilled teams who specialize in lead recycling

 Did You Know?
There are many lead poisening health symptoms and they may cause cancer.

Lead Recycling –With Olshak Only
The Ministry of Environmental Protection sets clear and strict regulations in regard of lead recycling methods, including guidelines of collection and clearing of lead-included waste. Olshak follows such guidelines in the strictest manner and ensures its customers a reliable and professional recycling process during all phases.

Olshak bears knowledge, experience and high logistic abilities in recycling lead. Join our wide variety of customers also and enjoy the most advanced recycling services!