Olshak Group Recycling Ltd. is a leading Israeli metal recycling company providing unique recycling solutions for its variety of customers in Israel and abroad.

For over the past 40 years Olshak provides all-types metal recycling solutions to its wide variety of customers in Israel and abroad using uniquely advanced and efficient technologies – maintaining great economic profits. Run as a family-business and established in the beginning of the 70s, Olshak is currently one of the largest recycling companies in Israel, leading by operating with the most enhanced grinding machinery lines.

Olshak’s Path to Success
1972-1981: Olshak is founded by Izhak Olshak, a holocaust survivor who moved to Israel after the war making ’aliyah’, and his son, Eliezer Olshak – in order to provide an answer for the ongoing growing necessity for copper recycling in Israel. At first, recycling was conducted by burning copper cables, and after founding the first plant in 1981 at city of Yavne, the method was improved to cables grinding in order to improve the process and protect the environment.

1981 – 1994: In light of the success and growing demand for recycling, a new plant was founded in city of Ashdod, containing three new grinding lines, including advanced mechanization technologies. Simultaneously the Company expanded and purchased a vehicle grinding plant in Ashkelon – integrating the largest grinding machine in Israel.

1997 – 2011: Olshak purchased the Timna Copper Mines of ICL Group in order to handle recycled copper most efficiently, and in addition, added grinding lines designated for aluminum recycling. In 2011 the plant was moved to the city of Ashkelon.

2016 – Today: the Ashkelon plant is considered Israel’s largest plant for cables grinding and non-ferrous metals recycling.

Olshak’s Customers
Olshak provides recycling solutions for a variety of industry’s companies and suppliers.

Among Company’s suppliers and customers are:


  • Metal waste plants
  • Municipalities
  • Computing/communication companies
  • Security industries
  • Vehicle dismantling companies


  • Metals trade companies abroad
  • Metal manufacturing plants

Olshak bears knowledge, experience and high logistic abilities for metal recycling. Join our wide variety of customers to also enjoy the most advanced recycling services!