Olshak Sustainability

Recycling of waste is an essentially important step, allowing to enjoy an environment as clean as possible of pollution and toxic substances found in endless products used in households and industrial entities. In order for the recycling process to become profitable both economically and ecologically, it must be environmental-friendly, and the solution lies within the use of modern technologies and existing resources. Olshak ensures green recycling and invests extensive economic efforts to maintain an ecological healthy system.

Olshak’s Unique Recycling Method
The Company invested capital to implement advanced technologies in its Ashkelon plant, such as building construction upon cement surfaces to prevent toxic substances’ penetration to the ground, water hoarding and screening before entering the sewage system – a step enabling prevention of toxic metals pollution after recycling, as well as use of solar panels that provide use of solar energy and minimize energy consumption.


3 Reasons to Why Choose Olshak for Different Metals Recycling:

  1. Olshak invests significant economic resources to maintain sustainable recycling
  2. The Company ensures utmost use of existing resources in every step of the recycling process
  3. The Company operates only according to the regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the relevant authorities

Did You Know?
Olshak invests significant economic resources in its plant for a green environment

Olshak: Conserving the Environment
Olshak acts to conserve the environment throughout every step of the recycling process, ensuring its customers recycling using advanced and efficient technologies with maximal use of raw materials for reprocessing. Our wide variety of customers enjoy a modern and green plant standing with international standards.

Olshak bears the knowledge, experience and high logistic abilities in recycling different metals while conserving the environment. Join our wide variety of customers also and enjoy the most advanced recycling services!