Aluminum Recycling

Olshak specializes in aluminum recycling, considered to be a metal highly used in the industry – with emphasis on energy-saving and environmental protection

Aluminum is grey colored used to manufacture a wide variety of industry’s products, and is mostly used by the vehicle industry (every vehicle consists of about 150 kg of aluminum!). Aluminum’s unique features characterized by a soft and flexible material, yet resistant, alongside high electric conduction, is basis for aluminum’s high popularity and its current use to manufacture a range of different products in the worlds of vehicle, aviation, electronics, optics, and more. Households also consist of a variety of aluminum uses: packages, cooking devices, aluminum covers and foils, canning, etc. 

Aluminum Recycling is Economically Profitable
Aluminum does not lose its quality when recycled, thus making it processable and eligible to be re-used for a variety of new products. Recycling enables resources and energy-saving in comparison to novel processing of natural resources, constituting a significant economic advantage for recycling, aimed to reduce natural resources use and utilize current technologies for re-use.

3 Reasons to Why Choose Olshak’s Aluminum Recycling:

  1. Olshak is a recycling expert of all most prevalent aluminum types by all formations.
  2. Olshak engages with most of Israel’s aluminum manufacturers.
  3. Okshak operates to recycle aluminum by regulations and approvals of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the relevant authorities.

Did You Know?
Aluminum is the most popular substance used in the industry – especially the vehicle industry

Aluminum Recycling – With Olshak Only
The aluminum recycling process divides to two phases: collection, separation and grinding, and nowadays carried out using advanced technologies assisting to maintain material quality without losing its virtue. Olshak specializes in aluminum recycling of electric cables, vehicle components, and more.

Olshak bears knowledge, experience and high logistics abilities for aluminum recycling. Join our wide variety of customers also and enjoy the most advanced recycling services!