Electronics Recycling

Olshak is a leader in recycling a wide variety of electronic devices and provides an effective modern service following the strictest guidelines in accordance to the Ministry of Environmental Protection regulations

Electronic devices are used daily and are very common in every household. Like computers, their fair prices encourage customers to often purchase them, especially TV sets, smartphones and washing machines. Such devices are highly polluting. Therefore, in order to minimize environmental damage, the government ensures the following activities: beginning in 2014 electronics and electricity devices manufacturers and importers are obliged to recycle such products.

Environmental Advantages of Recycling
Electronics waste recycling helps preserve the environment and enables reuse of metals and other raw materials such as nickel, silver, gold and copper, and is highly cost-saving. Reuse and reprocessing of raw materials allow energy-saving and is economically profitable for the companies themselves, since the electronic devices recycling process is less polluting in comparison to remanufacturing of all such raw material.

3 Reasons for Why Choose Olshak to Recycle Electronic Equipment:

  1. Olshak bears all the required certificates for electronic waste recycling by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the relevant authorities
  2. Olshak operates using an advanced technology for separation and grinding.
  3. Olshak employs a well experienced and professional team.

Did You Know?
Over 130 tons of electronic waste accumulates in Israel every year!

Efficient, Fast and Modern Recycling
Electronic devices recycling integrates a few phases including collection, classification and separation of products, carried out by the most advanced technologies and in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The recycling method is strictly executed according to the law, assisting in conserving a greener environment.

Olshak bears the knowledge, experience and high logistic abilities in the field of electronics recycling. Join our wide variety of customers also and enjoy the most advanced recycling services!