Vehicle Components Recycling

Olshak specializes in vehicle components recycling for utmost use of many metals such as copper, aluminum, iron and lead

The global vehicle industry produces mass amounts of metallic wastes and it is important that such waste will be recycled when vehicles are out of use as a result of a car accidents or aging – in sake of environmental protection and utmost re-use of all vehicle components. Every new vehicle contains over 9,000 components made of different metals such as lead (also used for vehicle battery), copper, aluminum, iron, steel, as well as materials such as plastic and glass.

Vehicle Components Recycling: A Contribution for Environmentalism and for the Industry
Vehicle components recycling enables utmost use of many metals, reducing pollution, creating energy-saving, production and raw materials transportation, and allows re-use of vehicle components in a wide variety of industries. Aluminum remainders may be used to manufacture cans, covers and different packing materials for a selection of products, and more.

3 Reasons to Why Choose Olshak for Vehicle Components Recycling 

  1. Olshak engages with a variety of suppliers on a regular basis, including vehicle components replacement companies and vehicle dismantling companies.
  2. Olshak is entitled to all the certifications required for vehicle components recycling by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the relevant authorities.
  3. Olshak bears the required knowledge for the overall procedure of vehicle components recycling.

 Did You Know
During 2019 over 160,000 new cars were sold in Israel!

Vehicle Components Recycling – The Process Know-How
Recycling vehicle components is a complicated process since the process of recycling the different components requires a few steps:

  • Emptying of the vehicle liquids
  • Separating the different components that may be re-used (i.e., tires, glass, airbags)
  • Removal of dangerous vehicle components
  • Recycling and grinding

Olshak bears the knowledge, experience and high logistic abilities in recycling vehicle components. Join our wide variety of customers also and enjoy the most advanced recycling services!