Recycling of Special Metals

Olshak specializes in recycling special metals used for a wide variety of industry’s products with the most advanced market’s technologies

The modern industrial world, with emphasis on the aircraft, chemical, medical, security and high-tech industries, widely uses uniquely processed special metals that are used for a variety of products – also obliged for recycling. Since they are made of different alloys, and in order to maintain the raw material in its best form, the method of recycling is critical.

What Are Special Metals?
Special metals are considered rare and the most-costly metals – accordingly. Amongst the more common metals are, for instance, nickel alloys, titanium, aircraft metals, germanium, gallium, tellurium, cobalt and more. Such metals constitute an important element in manufacturing of different products, resulting in the great importance of their recycling process.

3 Reasons of Why Choose Olshak to Recycle Special Metals:

  1. Olshak specializes in recycling metals of unique industries, aircraft metals and special alloys.
  2. Olshak uses the most suiting technologies for safe and efficient recycling of unique metals.
  3. Olshak operates in accordance to regulations and approvals of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the relevant authorities.

Did You Know?
Global industry’s demand for special metals raised significantly, especially due to an acceleration of electronic vehicle manufacturing across the globe.

Recycling of Special Metals
Recycling of special metals is greatly important nowadays due to industry’s ongoing growing demand. Since such recycling processes require not only knowledge but also the suiting technology required to dismantle the different alloys and metals, it is important to ensure the process is executed professionally with a well-adjusted infrastructure.

Olshak bears the knowledge, experience and high logistic abilities in recycling special metals. Join our wide variety of customers also and enjoy the most advanced recycling services!