Cable Recycling

Olshak specializes in recycling different types of cables, and ensures it customers a high-quality service that integrates knowledge and experience of over 40 years

The electronic world we currently live in often uses cables for industrial purposes with an ongoing increasing demand. Underneath the rubber or plastic cable coverages used for isolation, are found different metals such as copper used for a variety of industry’s solutions due to its high electric conductivity. In addition, the cables consist of other metals such as aluminum, isolated steel and more. Cables used for communication and data transferring are especially more and more widespread, making their recycling uniquely economic, enabling reuse of raw materials.

What Are the Most Common Cable Categories Designated for Recycling?

Many cable types that have different voltage, isolation and electric conductivity ratings found in many electronic devices of every household, are recyclable. A lot of industries also widely use cables, characterized in large quantities of copper. For instance:

  • Communication cables: TVs, computers and electronic devices
  • Vehicle industry cables: common in vehicle batteries
  • Industrial cables: elevators, levers, and cables for high temperatures
  • Underground cables: adjusted for conducting electricity in underground tunnels
  • Solar cables: used for installation of solar systems

3 Reasons for Why Choose Olshak to Recycle Cables:

  1. Olshak has the most advanced grinding lines in Israel
  2. The Company ensures cables recycling according to the regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and relevant authorities
  3. The Company bears comprehensive knowledge and experience in copper cable recycling for grinding

Did You Know?
Some cables consist of 70% recyclable copper

Olshak: Cable Recycling is Our Expertise
Cable recycling has the potential for an immense economic profit, aside great saving of natural resources and environmental conservation. Olshak specializes in copper cables recycling of all types for over 40 years. In the past, the recycling process was executed by setting fire. Beginning in the 1980s, Olshak operates the most advanced cables separation and grinding lines, enabling an efficient and fast large-quantity cables recycling.

Olshak bears the knowledge, experience and high logistic abilities for cables recycling. Join our wide variety of customers also to enjoy the most advanced recycling services!