Copper Recycling

Olshak is a leader in copper and copper cables recycling using advanced technologies that maintain environmental protection

Copper is a red-like metal with chemical characteristics – most popularly the high ability to conduct electricity – enabling great varied types of uses in different industries, especially the electronics, electricity and vehicle fields. Due to its easy processability copper is widely common in producing coins, electric cables, tools, furniture, jewelry, architecture, construction, works of art and more.

How Is Copper Recycling Executed?
The current recycling process is executed using different technological methods, mainly designated to make the copper recycling process more efficient while protecting the environment and reducing the discharge of toxic substances as much as possible. If in the past recycling was executed by burning of cables and copper extraction, today it is executed by grinding and separation of substances – enabling recycling of larger quantities.

3 Reasons for Why Choose Olshak to Recycle Copper:

  1. Olshak is a copper recycling expert
  2. Olshak operates by the regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the relevant authorities
  3. Olshak recycles using the most advanced technologies

Did You Know?
Copper may be recycled many times without losing the substance quality

Environmental-Friendly Recycling
Environmental conservation is significantly substantial for all current industries, and aside maintaining ecologic balance, it also enables economic and social profit created by great energy-saving used to reproduce new raw material. Recycling is executed in goal of processing and reusing of copper by inverting it to its raw material, enabling utmost use of copper for the widest possible variety of industries.

Olshak bears knowledge, experience and high logistic abilities in the field of copper recycling. Join our wide variety of customers also and enjoy the most advanced recycling services!