Recycling Communication Equipment

Olshak specializes in communication equipment recycling, enabled by modern recycling lines, suiting especially for large-quantity recycling

Recycling of communication equipment such as cellphones, tablets, computers, smartphones and more, is greatly important in today’s digital world, enabling utmost use of many highly valued metals found in such devices. Beside the most common metals such as copper and aluminum, there are also special rare metals such as scandium and yttrium with a vastly-growing use in the past recent years due to their unique chemical characteristics – without their existence, the use of many technologies would have not been possible.   

Why Is Communication Equipment Recycling Critical?
The current Israeli law sets an obligation to recycle communication equipment. The law constitutes an important step in environmental protection. In the absence of the right communication equipment treatment, toxic metals may cause great human, animal and ecologic damage.

3 Reasons of Why Choose Olshak to Recycle Communication Equipment

  1. Olshak offers manual and automatic recycling lines adjusted for communication equipment recycling.
  2. Olshak recycles communication equipment in accordance to the standards and demands of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and relevant authorities.
  3. Olshak employs a professional well-experienced team which specializes in communication equipment recycling.

Did You Know?
Every year (in avarage) over 40 million tons of communication equipment worldwide is not transferred for recycling!

Communication Equipment Shall Be Recycled by Olshak
Operation of communication equipment recycling is uniquely complex due to the long process of sorting and separation of the equipment according to its final grinding. Olshak has a verified experience with an effective communication equipment recycling process that conserves energy for a greener environment.

Olshak bears knowledge, experience and high logistic abilities in recycling communication equipment. Join our wide variety of customers and enjoy the most advanced recycling services!