Destruction for Security Entities

Olshak specelizes in destruction of sensitive data for a selection of Israeli security entities, aside providing unique and personal services upon demand and customers needs.

Whether it is digital media or documents or different devices that include classified information – data leakage is critical in any measure. Security entities interested to permanently destroy such data are in need of suiting designated solutions for their business necessities.

Data Destruction – High Standards for Protecting Sensitive Information
Security entities apply high standard data security regulations in purpose of protecting uniquely sensitive information, causing the data destruction process to be executed using the strictest security measures: starting with sensitive material transportation up to absolute grinding of materials to small particles – safety and credibility are the key for a successful comprehensive process.

3 Reasons for Why to Choose Olshak to Destroy Your Classified Data:

  1. Olshak respects its customers and keeps full discretion as to the materials designated for destruction.
  2. Olshak escorts each customer throughout the entire process: starting with material collection through to its final destruction.
  3. Olshak owns all the certifications required by the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection and the relevant authorities.

 Did You Know?
In 2013 the Israeli security export was in the sum of over 6 bilion $!

Destruction for Security Entities: Only According to Customers‘ Needs
Olshak ensures operation in accordance to customer‘s guidance and enables griding services with full consideration of customer’s buisness requirements, including direct conduct and transportation of sensitive materials using Company’s vehicles only:

  • Griding in specific timings with certified employees to ensure maximal discretion.
  • Grinding according to customer’s demand (cm, mm).
  • Commitment to not sell the sensitive waste according to customer’s will.

Olshak bears knowledge, experience and high logistic abilities to recycle for security entities. Join our wide variety of customers also, and enjoy the most advanced recycling services!