Dismantling of Facilities and Infrastructures

Olshak’s services also include dismantling of facilities and infrastructures – integrating significantly high logistic and economic abilities to execute different projects – also of a national scope

One of the most important fields in the recycling world is dismantling of infrastructures and facilities – a process of dismantling entire buildings followed by controllingly recycling the construction waste, different infrastructures and a selection of metals, including: aluminum, steel and copper. Such process requires extensive knowledge and logistic abilities from beginning to end. Waste recycling is important for environmental conservation, enabling to recycle and reprocess the raw material.

Facilities and Infrastructures Recycling: The Adjusted Logistics
Dismantling of facilities and infrastructures is a long-term process that requires a team of professional experts well acquainted with the level of complexity of such projects. A successful execution also requires suitable logistics that enable coping with large amounts of waste.

3 Reasons for Why Choose Olshak to Dismantle Facilities and Infrastructures:

  1. Olshak has firm economic abilities enabling to execute large-scope projects
  2. Olshak operates according to approvals and demands of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the relevant authorities.
  3. Olshak owns a large recycling plant capable of recycling large amounts of metal

Did You Know?
Olshak executed a nation-wide project for “Bezeq” – removal of communication cables from the ground and their recycling

Dismantling of Facilities and Infrastructures – a Verified Experience of Over 40 Years
Olshak specializes in dismantling different facilities and infrastructures and handles them according to customer demand. Throughout recent years Olshak conducted uniquely large-scaled projects, such as dismantling of prototype facilities, removal of communication cables from the ground, metals dismantling from phone operators abroad, and more. After dismantled the infrastructures were further transferred for treatment and recycling at company’s plant.

Olshak bears knowledge, experience and high logistic abilities in dismantling facilities and infrastructures. Join our wide variety of customers also and enjoy the most advanced recycling services!